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Getting into the college of your dreams is competitive and expensive. Why not stand out from the crowd with a video of your best moments in your sport or activity?

We've worked with nearly every school in Westmoreland County over the past few years to create highlight videos for students looking to go far in college.
We've talked with coaches across the country, and know what they want to see from you.

  • Athletes, many college coaches require a video showing your best plays, along with some information about yourself.
    Take a look through your game tapes and find your best plays, then record them on the sheet linked below.

    Bring the sheet and the videos to us, and we'll edit together all your best plays in the manner coaches have told us that they prefer. We can even add arrows to point out which player is you on shots where it might otherwise be difficult to tell.

  • Actors, dancers, and singers, you know how competitive the world of theater and the arts is. Sending a video with some of your proudest moments on stage to schools and scholarships will set you apart from the competition.
    Using the sheet linked above, write down your favorite performances and some information about yourself, and we'll create a one-of-a-kind video that you can send out to all your potential schools and scholarships.

    We keep a copy of your highlight on file here at Video Graphics for two years, so if you end up needing more DVDs to send, give us a call and we can have them made promptly.
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