8mm film 16mm film to DVD

Recording your family's memories is a great way to recall those special moments later. However, video tapes will eventually degrade in quality until the video and audio disappear, and your videos aren't doing you much good when they're stuck on your new hard drive or flash memory camera!

No matter what the format, Video Graphics, Inc., located in Greensburg, PA, can transfer your home videos to DVD, preserving them for generations to come. DVD is a solid-state medium, and manufacturers estimate they will last for one hundred years. Bring in your tapes or memory cards, and we'll transfer them to a DVD master, print labels on the disc faces, and put them in jewel cases for your family's enjoyment. We can also make copies for your friends and family quickly and at a reasonable price.

vcr tapes to dvd.

Transfer Your Old Tapes to Long-Lasting DVDs

Our pricing is simple. We only charge you for how much is recorded on your tape.

If you have more than ten video tapes, bring them all in at once, and you'll receive our quantity discount. This is a great way to save money when archiving your videos.

Archiving Video to Data Files

If you want your old tapes transferred onto your hard drive as an easy to edit file, we can do that too! Turn your existing tape libraries into easily accessible files.

Provide us with a hard drive of your choice and file format you prefer. Pricing is the same as an initial tape transfer to DVD, plus $10 per tape.

each tape will normally cost between 12 and 20 dollars.


Once your DVD or CD master has been made, extra duplications are available at a much lower cost than the initial service - and since duplication is a high-speed process, they can be made in a fraction of the time it took to do the initial transfer!

We can also duplicate any CD or DVD you bring in - as long as you have the rights to it.

duplication is cheap and quick.

Other Media Transfers

Video Graphics maintains the ability to transfer almost any analog format, including hard to find broadcast formats. Supported formats are:

3/4 inch U-Matic, MII Panasonic, Betacam SP, S-VHS, VHS, VHS-C, Hi 8, Mini DV, etc. We also offer cassette to CD and reel-to-reel transfers at $20.00 each.

We also transfer vinyl LP records to CD (non copyright material only). Recordings such as college and church choirs were often recorded on LP records and now can be preserved for $20 per LP, and only $35 for a CD with individual tracks.

Tapeless formats such as hard drive and memory cards can be transferred to DVD for $20 per card, which includes one DVD (about 2 hours of standard definition video content). Plus $10 per extra DVD for additional content from the same media source.

we can transfer any format